I Am a Locksmith

I am a locksmith.  All too often I see you after a traumatic burglary when you are scared and upset.  Many times you call me to improve your security when it is already too late.  Your home is a shambles and your property is stolen.  Your door locks were old and the door frame was weak.  Entering your house was easy for the criminal.  But I cannot turn back the clock and prevent your misfortune.  When your business is vandalized I’m quickly on the scene.  I fix the locks which have been super-glued, or I install a new lock when the old one is broken.  When you lose your door key I come right over to pick the lock.  I let you in your business and make you a new key.

I am a locksmith.  Sometimes you call me when your keys are locked in your car.  You are frustrated by the inconvenience and expense of having to call me.  But when you call, I will be right there with tools and training to resolve your problem without damaging your car.

I am a locksmith.  I am available to cut a new key when the one you got at the hardware store doesn’t work.  I’ll install a new deadbolt for you when yours fails to work.  You bought a cheap import at the home center but you were angry when you realized no replacement parts were available.

I am a locksmith.  But I must also be part psychologist.  Often when you call me you have had some sort of trouble.  Security is not usually on your mind unless you have had a problem.  It is not easy to deal with people when they are upset.  I am a locksmith.  I take my profession very seriously.  In the best of all worlds, you’d call me to repair your locks before someone took advantage of them.  In my dreams, people realize that a locking door knob is not enough protection for them and their family.  I’d love you to call me for a deadbolt before someone rips off your doorknob with a pipe wrench.

I am a businessman, a diplomat, a psychologist and a Locksmith.  I spend my entire career trying to help you keep out the bad guys.  Sickness is the enemy of the doctor and the criminal is the enemy of the locksmith.  I will be there to help you after the break-in.  But it will bother me to know that a little security would have prevented your loss.  Of course you can call me after a loss.  But I would rather be there first to help prevent that loss.  Criminals offend me.  Your security is a sacred trust to me.  I am a Locksmith!